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European Conference on Human centred Design for intelligent transport systems


Conference scope


The widespread deployment of in-vehicle driver information systems and the emergence of advanced driver assistance systems are profoundly transforming road transport.

Through these Intelligent Transport Systems, a range of services is offered to the driver with the objective of facilitating the driving task and improving travel safety.

Nevertheless, these developments raise numerous questions about acceptance and possible effects and their impact on drivers’ behaviour and attitudes.

All this encourages Human Centred Design approach, in which ITS are designed according to driver needs and are not driven by technological capabilities.

For this reason, the HUMANIST Virtual Centre of Excellence is organising a conference on this topic.

During the conference, the following scientific topics related to Human Centred Design for Intelligent Transport Systems will be addressed:

  • Human Factors
  • HMI & Design
  • Safety
  • Ecomobilty
  • Methologies