European conference on human centred design for intelligent transport systems

European Conference on Human centred Design for intelligent transport systems


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1/ Human Factors
ITS User services
Intelligent user interface
User experience & sustainability
Human error
Tools to analyse human factors
Distraction, attention, emotion & workload
Neuro sciences in ergonomics
Diversity and specificity of road user groups
Drivers'/riders' needs and acceptance of assistance functions

2/ HMI & Design
Effects of in-vehicle systems on driver performance
Human Centred Design
Cooperative systems acceptability and usability
Acceptability of electromobility
Smart mobility
Automation & trust
Intelligent vehicles
Human Machine Interaction
Effects of ITS on driver behaviour and interaction with the systems
Field Operationnal Tests and Naturalistic Driving Studies
Generic User Interfaces for assistance systems

3/ Safety
Safety & Mobility
Safety of nomadic & mobile services
In-vehicle devices & driving safety
ITS to support VRU's safety

4/ Ecomobility
Social networks for ecomobility
Training for ecomobility
Tools and methodologies for driver/rider eco-driving/eco-riding training
Green ITS to meet new driver needs
Green driving/riding

5/ Methodologies
Tools and methodologies for safety and usability assessment
Modelling of drivers'/riders' behaviour for ITS design

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